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It is no coincidence that Istanbul is Turkey’s most popular tourist destination. Every year, millions of tourists flock to the city because of its unrivalled beauty.This city has shown deep-rooted culture and a long history.

Our Istanbul City Tour (Full Day) is one of the best tours possible, as it blends all of the major monuments and points of interest into an interesting, but educational excursion.

This tour starts during the morning. A comfortable car will pick you up from your hotel at 10:00 am and drive you through the tours.

With this tour you will be able to explore  the major monuments and various places of interest of Istanbul.

Places we will visit:

Thanks to its scale and the number of items tourists will explore, this bazaar is the most famous and well-known of this kind. It has over 4000 small shops where you can practise your negotiating skills. Handicrafts, spices, clothing, and various souvenirs are available in these markets.

The Galata Tower, a cylindrical structure, guards the entrance to 'new' Istanbul. It was built in 1348 and for centuries was the city's tallest building, dominating the skyline north of the Golden Horn.

A visit to Istiklal Street is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Istanbul's unique energy and spirit at its most natural level. The street is Istanbul's busiest, with a national reputation equal to Fifth Avenue or Oxford Street.

Taksim Square is a metropolitan square that serves as a communications centre as well as a major commercial, entertainment, and sightseeing destination for both locals and tourists in Istanbul.

This magnificent Mosque is one of Turkey's most significant and is known for its blue tiled interior architecture. Friday tours are not permitted since the Blue Mosque is a place of worship.

Due to its heritage and excellent architectural architecture, the Hagia Sophia Museum is one of Istanbul's most visited monuments. It is important to remember that Saint Sophia is closed on Mondays. As a result, on that day, participants will go to the Underground Cistern

Between the 15th and the 19th centuries, the Topkapi palace served as the residence of Ottoman sultans. It now houses an interesting museum of valuable gems and jewels, sultan costumes, and other important objects from the time period.

The Süleymaniye, which dominates the Golden Horn and is one of Istanbul's seven hills, serves as a landmark for the entire city. It is not the biggest of the Ottoman mosques, but it is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent and majestic.

This is one of the most color ful district.This Istanbul neighbourhood was once known as the city's Jewish quarter. Many synagogues, as well as a more diverse population, can still be seen here today.

Ortaköy Mosque has one of the most beautiful designs of any mosque in Istanbul. The Ortaköy Camii, Turkey (Ortaköy Mosque Turkey), located just before the Bosphorus Bridge, has to have one of the most picturesque settings of all the Istanbul mosques.

Abu Ayyub al Ansari (ra) was one of RasulAllah's most trusted friends. He took part in the early Muslim campaign against Constantinople, where he died and was buried. His grave became the Ottomans' spiritual base, and he is still remembered today for his devotion to Islam and affection for RasulAllah. A trip to Istanbul will be incomplete without a stop here.

Madrasas (religious high schools), student dormitories, hospice, library, hospital, market, hamam, and tombs were once part of the Fatih Mosque Complex; sadly, only the madrasas, library, hospice, and tombs remain today. Other structures were destroyed as a result of the fires, earthquakes, and road construction took place in 1950s.

Bebek is a historic neighbourhood on Istanbul's European side, and it lies within the Besiktas district's limits, to the north east of the district, near the Bosphorus strait.Bebek's waterfront is both marvellous and magical, particularly when the weather is warm and sunny. From there, you'll have a stunning view of the Bosphorus Bridge, making it the ideal spot for an unforgettable shot.

After the last stop, you will return to your hotel with a modern vehicle at 20:00. 


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