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Bosphorus Cruise Night Dinner Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its transcontinental location. The only city in the world located on two continents. In other words, the city is connecting two biggest continents i.e. Asia and Europe. Connected by the Bosphorus sea, the sights are worth visiting. Bosphorus cruise night dinner organized on the strait of Bosphorus. This strait passing between Istanbul is the world busiest trade route. It is being used by mankind for thousands of years. The historical importance of the strait demonstrated by the Palaces and Castles. These are old-time constructions from different civilizations erected on both sides. Among those architectural marvels, most of them are from the Ottoman times. They have ruled the region for six centuries after the Byzantine rule of 1100 years.


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  • Bosphorus night cruise dinner
  • Bosphorus night cruise dinner
  • Rumi Dance at Bosphorus cruise dinner
  • Bosphorus night cruise dinner
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  • Dances at Bosphorus cruise night dinner
  • Dances at Bosphorus cruise night dinner
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  • bosphorus-dinner-cruise-ottoman


This became the attraction for tourists to sail over the Bosphorus due to its location. Visitors of Istanbul from all around the globe praise the beauty and location of the gulf. A visit to Istanbul is incomplete without taking this cruise dinner at night. It entertains the visitors with majestic sights of the city and different shows.


What is Bosphorus Cruise Dinner?


The Bosphorus dinner cruise is the name of a short tour. During the trip the luxury cruise sails over the strait of Bosphorus for four hours. We as the tour operator make sure to make our customer’s time memorable with different shows. We are sure that our cultural theme entertainment shows became the reason for their joy.


What will you expect from this short trip on Bosphorus Strait?


The night will be as fun as you have never thought about before. The cruise will start with the buffet dinner that shows the richness of the Turkish kitchen. Then there are the dances of Turkish style and different cultural shows. The Heena ceremony will give you the essence of Turkish culture. Sufi Whirling Dervish Dance shows you mysticism and the spiritual journey of a person. The person that follows the saint Rumi. It’s a different kind of dance where the soul is dancing inside the body of a dancer.


There will be a performance of Janissaries – Ottoman Soldiers. It takes you to the old times with the beat of the bells, horns, and drums. Live DJ will present some of the most famous songs that are worldly known to boost your energy. Within no time you are on the dance floor. The show is going to end with the performance of a Mezdekle Belly dancer. The dancing charisma surrounds you with the feeling of Turkish music and culture. We are sure that we make your night memorable in Istanbul.


  • 3.5 Hours Cruise

  • Sailing: 20:45

  • Landing: 00:15

During Bosphorus Night cruise, you will enjoy an open buffet dinner, check the menu below:

  • Cold starters, traditional Turkish mezze;
  • Salad bar
  • Hot starters (rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.)
  • Main courses (meatballs, chicken, etc)
  • Baklava desserts
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • Unlimited alcohol drinks (white and red wine, raki, beer, vodka).
  • 3.5-hour Bosphorus Dinner cruise;
  • Open Buffet Dinner with diverse dishes;
  • Unlimited soft drinks & tea;
  • Unlimited alcohol drinks: vodka, raki, beer and wine if you book cruise with alcohol;
  • Free two-way transfer (hotel pick up and drop off from the city center);
  • Show (belly dancers, folk dancers, live music, etc.);
  • Imported Drink 
  • Coffee 
  • Water-pipe 

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