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Alanya is home to some of the country’s most spectacular natural wonders. One of them is Altinbesik Cave, and exploring the area is a must-do activity. |

The Altinbesik Cave Tour from Alanya offers breathtaking panoramic views, visits to quaint villages in the Taurus Mountains, visits to the famed underground lake, and exploration of the national park.

The Altinbesik cave tour from Alanya is a fantastic day trip to the stunning natural beauty and rich history of Turkey's Mediterranean region. You'll be able to see the natural wonders below;

Green Canyon Landscape:

A stunning panoramic view of the Oymapinari dam, also known as the Green Canyon, located about 1250 metres above sea level in the Taurus Mountains.

Buttoned homes, brad, Ormana, and Sarihacliar (Nomad) villages:

The villages of Akseki and Ibradi in Antalya are regarded as the first settlements in the Turks' Taurus Mountains. The historic houses in this village are also known for their unique construction, which includes the use of juniper, cedar, and tar trees as skeletons.This masonry-based houses are free of mortar. Since they resemble keys, the exterior sections of the skeleton, which are constructed with a locking mechanism, are referred to as buttoned houses. These nomadic settlements are also located along ancient caravan migration paths (silk road).

Altnbesik cave (Golden Cradle Cave):

Alanya is 130 kilometres away from Altnbesik cave (Golden Cradle Cave). Turkey's first and Europe's third-largest underwater lake cave is Altnbesik. The Altnbesik cave is 450 metres long with a water depth of 15 metres. Its water is too acidic for the fish to survive.The cave is believed to be at least 50 kilometres long. The underwater sources of Lake Beysehir, 90 kilometres downstream, feed Altinbesik Cave, a horizontal and partly active cave system. Within, the air is humidified, and the temperature is set at 16 degrees during the year. In the summer, as you walk to the cave's front, you will note the coolness.

Altnbesik Nationalpark:

In 1994, the area around Altnbesik cave was designated as a national park. In terms of plant diversity, Altnbesik National Park is extremely abundant. The old footpaths are being revived for eco-tourism and plant promotion trips and nature walks in the National Park, which has a total of 605 species, 69 of which are endemic. You'll have some spare time to go on a nature hike.

The Altnbesik cave tour from Alanya is a must-do for nature lovers who want to see unique buttoned houses and the spectacular and wild nature of the Taurus mountains.

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