Priene & Miletus & Didyma Tour - 0km Turkey

Priene & Miletus & Didyma Tour

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If you enjoy sightseeing ancient cities, our Priene & Miletus & Didyma Tour is best for you.

A Day Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won’t want to give up. This full-day excursion promises to provide you with a day filled with breathtaking scenery, serene views, historic landmarks, and rich history. Take a lovely trip back in time, rejuvenate the senses, and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Trip Outline
We will pick you from hotel in early morning at 8:00.

We’ll go to the following places:

Priene is an ancient city in Greece.

Priene was an ancient Greek city in Ionia, located at the base of a Mycale cliff approximately 6 kilometres north of the Maeander River’s then course, 67 kilometres from Anthea, 15 kilometres from Aneon, and 25 kilometres from Miletus.Due to the small size of the city, Priene was never a political powerhouse. It is estimated that the region had a population of roughly 4 to 5 thousand people.

The city was divided into four districts: the political district, which included the bouleuterion and prytaneion, the cultural district, which included the theatre, the commercial district, which included the agora, and the religious district, which included Zeus and Demeter sanctuaries, as well as the Temple of Athena.

Theathre ( 20 minutes)
Temple Of Athenas ( 20 minutes)
Bouleuterion and Prytaneion (15 minutes)
Stoa ( 15 minutes )
Agora ( 10 minutes )
Holy Place of Zeus ( 10 Minutes )

Miletus was an ancient Greek city on Anatolia’s western coast, at the Maeander River’s mouth in ancient Caria. Its remnants may be seen near the contemporary settlement of Balat in Turkey’s Aydn Province. Miletus was the biggest and wealthiest of Greek towns before the Persian invasion in the middle of the 6th century BC.

Theatre ( 45 minutes )
Byzantine Fortress ( 20 minutes )
Delphinion ( 10 minutes )
Nymphanion ( 10 minutes )
Bouleterion ( 10 minutes )
Faustina Baths ( 10 minutes )
Mosque ( 10 minutes )

Didyma was an ancient Greek sanctuary on the Ionian shore, within the realm of Miletus, the famed city. Didyma’s sanctuary, also known as Didymaion, was dedicated to Apollo.

Temple Of Apollo ( 25 minutes )
The Temple Of Artemis (10 minutes)
Sacred Way with the Roman Baths ( 10 minutes )
Stadium ( 10 minutes )
Theatre ( 10 minutes )
Other Buildings ( 10 minutes )
Churches ( 10 minutes )

Trip Includes
Professional English tour guide
A/C vehicle
All the entrance fees

Trip Excludes
18% VAT
All personal expenses
Tips to guide and driver
Everything which is not particularly mentioned in including section


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