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Full Day Guided Bursa Tour from Istanbul

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Bursa Day Trip from Istanbul
After we gather around and get on the vehicle, we will start our Bursa day trip by passing the Bosphorus, thanks to amazing Bosphorus Bridge.

A stunning view on the horizon will accompany us while we are leaving behind the European side of Istanbul; ready to be captured or filmed.

As the next step, when we reach to Asian side of Istanbul, we will get on a ferry to go to Yalova, a city of Turkey; since, the ferries which go to Bursa depart from that point.

During the voyage, you will have a fresh air and enjoy the amazing view of the sea covered with surfs.

First Stop of Bursa Tour – Green Mosque in Bursa
When we reach to Bursa, our first stop will be Green Mosque which has been built by Hacı Ivaz Pasha at the request of Sultan Celebi Mehmet between the years 1415-1419.

The entrance of the mosque is a very good example of Turkish stone carving. The inside of the mosque, however, is the most important part of it which will leave you speechless (especially the exact part called “mihrab”) because of the high-quality work of the tiles.

Those tiles with turquoise, green and blue colors have been used to ornament the interior decoration; and since the green is the dominant color among them, the name of the mosque is Green Mosque. Addition to that, besides from the tiles, you will also see good examples of woodworking and calligraphy in there.

Green Mausoleum (Green Tomb)
After seeing Green Mosque, we will continue our tour by visiting Green Mausoleum, which is also another symbol of Bursa and one of the highly recommended places to visit in Bursa.

Again, it has been built by Hacı Ivaz Pasha at the request of Sultan Celebi Mehmet; and as an interesting fact, he has died after 40 days of ordering that. The tomb of him is inside of the Green Mausoleum which has a unique building structure called octagonal dome.

At some interior parts of it and the tomb of Mehmet have been covered with turquoise and green tiles. This design reflects the reason of title “Green” that Bursa has.

Uludag Tour from Istanbul with a Cable Car
The most remarkable destination of Turkey when winter comes is Uludag Mountain. And climbing it by a cable car is going to multiply the beauty of the view and the joy you will have.

You will see different types of trees under the mass of snows which will remind you some of beautiful work of art. In the cable car, get your camera ready to capture photos alike the ones on the postcards.

When our trip on the cable car is over, we will land on the peak in where people can ski, play with snow or drink hot drinks. 2.486 meters above the sea level, we will be breathing in fresh air. Then, there will be free time for you to choose your way to have fun.

600-Year-Old Ancient Tree: Inkaya Cinari
After our lunch, we will leave the whiteness behind and take the road to see an ancient tree which is 600 years old: Inkaya Cinari (Inkaya Plane Tree).

The name “Inkaya” comes from one of the oldest villages of Ottoman Empire, Inkaya Village. Thus, since then, the tree has been standing still by reaching gigantic sizes.

Its diameter of the body is 3 meters, and its height is 35 meters.

It looks like it belongs to the other worlds such as a fantastic movie or a video game. After you take photos of this unworldly creature, we will depart again.

The Delight Factory
On our way to Istanbul, we will stop at one of the most famous delight factories of Bursa. There, you will be able to purchase Turkish delight in various flavors to crown your “sweet” memories with the traditional Turkish tastes.

To collect unforgettable memories from Turkey, do not forget to enroll in our Bursa tour from Istanbul and explore significant points of Bursa, by learning and having fun!


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