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Wants to make a memory where you recall a day in Antalya that was full of adventure and thrill? If yes, this will be a perfect trip for you.

Antalya jeep safari is an exciting and nature tour prepared by 4×4 Landrover safari jeeps on the stunning Taurus mountain near Antalya. If you get bored of Antalya’s warmth and want to comprehend actual Turkish village life, the Antalya Jeep safari tour is your trip.


Step 1
Our tour starts after picking you up from your hotel with our red open top vehicles. We gather at the petrol station, which is our meeting point, with all our jeeps. At the meeting point, plastic shoes and water guns are rented to be used during the day walks. Our guests can obtain water guns and plastic shoes from here. After informing our guide, our tour moves towards the first stop.
Step 2
After our guests rent water guns from the petrol station, our drivers place buckets of water in our vehicles. Even if the rented pistols fail, our drivers give the good ones free of charge to our guests, and our guests’ fun is not interrupted. Our water war begins between vehicles in the areas planned by our tour leader. This activity is done 2 or 3 times a day. While it is a nice activity to cool off in hot weather, it is an activity enjoyed by our guests from 7 to 70, unless it rains. There is a child in everyone. You will see that in this war. Since it will be a very wet day, we recommend that you bring spare clothes with you and do not carry too many electronic items.
Step 3: Secretkent Waterfall
We head towards the waterfall through a small path in the greenery and forest. Then we reach the Secretkent waterfall, which will enchant you with its beauty. Besides its unique beauty, it has an ideal natural beauty to cool off under the ice-cold waters and take lots of photos with the waterfall. Entries are extra. After 1 hour of free time, we continue our route with our jeeps.
Step 4 : zipline;
The best way to reduce stress and relax is to do something new and exciting. It is impossible to think about your problems and troubles while flying at full throttle on the Zipline. All attention needs to be concentrated. The view from above can be breathtaking and provides an opportunity to look at the Earth from a completely different perspective. Your life can change when your knees are shaking….
Step 5 : Lunch
There are 3 options as main course; Our guests, who choose one of the grilled chicken, grilled trout and omelette, can benefit from our open buffet consisting of salads and appetizers as much as they wish. Drinks are extra.
Step 6 : Saklikent Canyon
Saklikent Canyon; It is Europe’s 2nd and Turkey’s longest Canyon. Due to its nature, it will undoubtedly cool you in the summer heat with its cold running water. The highest point of the canyon is 300m, and its length is 18km. Our free time in Kanyon is given as 50-60 minutes. Entries are extra.
Step 7 : Ringo Rafting
Ringo Rafting: This activity is an activity you can do in Saklikent river, which is offered to you as an extra. It is an activity that everyone can do from 7 to 70 in half a meter of water with no age restrictions. Those who want to do it can pay the fee to our guide.
Step 8 : Mud Bath
Get ready to do something extraordinary and discharge. We enter the mud bath the same way we enter the sea. We are having this fun collectively with the directives of our guide. We have showers. Entrance is free. After the mud bath, we have a 1 hour rest break after taking showers. Afterwards, our journey will begin in the morning to drop you off at the hotels we picked up.
hidden city national park entrance-13 TL
secret city selale entrance-10 liras
water gun rental 50 TL
water shoes 60 TL
rafting zipline and drinks
What to bring with you
Towel -Sun cream-swimming suit-plastic water shoes -money-comfortable shoes and dress


  • Hotel Pick and Drop
  • Safety equipment (lifejacket, helmet, wetsuit)
  • Lunch
  • Professional Licensed Guide TRIP EXCLUDES
  • Drinks
    Photos, Dvd


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