Traveler and Coronavirus

Traveler and Coronavirus

Calm Down, Travelers! I know that you are tired of looking at your old traveling pictures and videos? I can be sure to say that the amazing days of traveling with your loved ones and exploring new places is the best memory you have.

The swapping of those traveling pictures on your phone and suddenly stop at one picture. The picture which you have randomly taken; brings back the wonderful moment that you have cherished. This is what I call a real-life asset. It brings a smile at your face and changes your mood. That one picture for someone can be a group photo with his travel buddies or when your partner is posing cheekily. We all need that one photo more in our life.

Be sure that all travelers are in the same boat. Each one of us is heartbroken for the plans which were assassinated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For most of the travelers, their plans are dead but few of freaks like me just postponed the trip until the new sun rises without this not so friendly virus.
I was looking for some answers and yet I find some; I am trying to answer two of these questions which are bugging in every traveler’s mind.

When can we Travel Again? 

Maybe a summer Road trip. May be Europe in Fall. Maybe in 2022.
Yes, we all are going to travel but not soon. We have a recent case of China who has already won this war by isolating the people for three months. Governments around the globe are now following the same procedure to flatten the curve.

This makes me believe that July will bring some hope to warm up your cars. Why cars, because the traveler will only choose places close to their homes. Nobody wants to fly to somewhere far and ends up in quarantine. Domestic traveling will take a boom between August – September whereas International traveling will start to grow till the end of November.

All these predictions are based upon my thorough research on the experiences of travel industry experts that have faced a situation like these before.

Yes, you are thinking right there is no situation like this before, but the world is ultimately going to fight this one and will end it. Be positive.

What will Travel be Like after Coronavirus?

The travel will be back as soon as you are expected. Close to home visits will start at first and people will take long weekend breaks instead of vacations for weeks. International traveling will be the last that will pick up the race but eventually it will be back with much more speed.

Once the pandemic is over, people will realize that their hard-working life should not let them stop traveling. To learn, to enjoy and experience the diversification of this beautiful world. To share the happy moments with their loved ones. People will understand why the modern model of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has given a place for travel; as a need.

What I see for my seven-year of experience I believe that this situation will lead to sustainable tourism. People will avoid big hotels and will choose the less populated facilities. Countries will try to enter limited tourists with prior health checks as they won’t be allowing to put the burden on their health care system. This will end the over-tourism which was destroying the habitats.

Whatever happens, traveling will come back but it will be different and change.

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