Definition of Travelling

The definition of traveling didn’t limit itself to “going from one place to another”. It is about experiencing life away from normal; to change the life which you have chosen for every single day.

Traveling is not a new habit or norm; it is an integral part of human nature. The feature of exploring is a compulsory one with every human soul from its birth. Wandering around exploring the unknown as a kid makes me understand this “the desire of traveling is imperative in the human soul.”

Why there is a feature of finding unknowns is in human nature?

As every human feature has benefited the same is the case for the desire of traveling. It helps us in a certain way. One of the utmost importance is to learn life from a completely different perspective. Not just a single perspective but altogether a variety of perspectives through which you get the capability to look at life. Either it’s from a new culture, tradition, or religion. Wherever you go you find the glasses for your eyes through which you will see a unique image of life.

The traveling is about going far from your house?

The answer is Yes, it is a travel, but it didn’t limit to go to an entirely different country to fulfill the desire of traveling. With the limited time in this modern world and restriction on borders that were not there a few hundred years back it is a hefty and costly task to travel far. A lot of money is required, and hassles must be faced for entering a new region. On the other hand, going out from your comfort zone for one day and travels to a place where you can find strangers, or a new type of food can be counted as traveling.

How often should we travel?

We should move out of our comfort zone as much as we can. It is important to nourish the soul and rehabilitate the mind. To maximize productivity and enhance the creativeness one must go out for travel whenever he or she starts believing that this specific job or work won’t happen without me. This circle of unstoppable hectic routine where work is never finishing, the only way out is to believe that this work won’t be stopped either I am in the process or not. The day you start thinking about your mental and physical health you should start planning for the trip which takes you away from all the pressure and stress.

How much time should we take to plan a travel?

For everything you want to achieve in life planning is a necessary part. Selecting a place where you want to go and then think about the activities you can there in that limited amount of time. Do research on the internet about the sightseeing destination and find out the best tours that can be added to your itinerary. Plan your budget accordingly considering the type of accommodation, your interest in different activities, and the delicious food you want to have.


I spend most of the time in the metropolitan which is simply a jungle of concrete; city life often cages my thoughts and ideas. Taking a week away from routine and spending time in the forest, close to the real existence enables my thoughts in the unconscious to revive.

Take a break from your life and travel; maybe a new place but for a different experience.


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